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Restoril 15 Mg Price in Pakistan

Restoril 15 Mg Price in Pakistan How it functions The 15 mg 10’s Restoril capsules are part of the benzodiazepine medication class.

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What side effects are associated with 15 mg 10’s Restoril capsules?

Drowsiness that could last all day tomorrow. weakening of the muscles, ataxia, and disorientation. Vertigo, upset stomach, blurred vision, rash, decreased dexterity and alertness, headache, and retention of urine. anterograde forgetfulness. Jaundice and rare blood diseases. reliance.

What occurs if I forget to take a 15 mg 10’s Restoril capsule?

Adults: 15 mg for the elderly; 15–30 mg for others. both before going to bed. In severe situations, up to 60 mg if necessary.
Children: Not advised.

The following authorized pharmacy will deliver 15 mg 10 caps of Restoril from the closest location. Once you request the drugs and the specific pharmacy accepts them.


This medication is intended to treat insomnia, a specific type of sleep disorder. To help you have a better night’s sleep, it might help you go to sleep earlier. Temazepam Is Included In The Benzodiazepine Drug Class. It Works To Have A Calming Effect On Your Brain. Typically, this medication is only used for brief treatment durations of one to two weeks or less. Consult your doctor if your insomnia persists for an extended period to determine if you require any additional care.

Side Effects:

It’s possible to experience vertigo or coordination issues. Inform your pharmacist or doctor right away if any of these side effects worsen or persist. When rising from a sitting or lying position, take your time to avoid dizziness or falling.


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