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Eros Spray Price in Pakistan

Eros Spray Price in Pakistan The 45-milliliter Eros Delay Spray in Pakistan. The Best Delay Spray for Men: Spray in Bed and Enjoy for a Long Time.
The most prevalent issue among young men in Pakistan is premature ejaculation. The Solution That Affects 30-45% of Men in Their Sexual Lives is Eros Delay Spray.

Eros Delay Spray is a product of approved quality. That is Specifically Designed to Postpone Men’s Ejaculation and Lengthen Excitement for Extended-Duration Romances.

Anyone who experiences trouble reaching complete sexual satisfaction due to early ejaculation finds this to be necessary.
For those who struggle to attain complete sexual satisfaction because of early ejaculation, increase your sexual stamina and ejaculation.

Uses Eros Spray:

10% W/v in spray form, lignocaine, is the active ingredient. Lignocaine is a local anesthetic that lessens penis hypersensitivity. Lignocaine works by inhibiting or reducing nerve impulse conduction close to the application site. The dosage is low enough to minimize the likelihood of transfer to the partner and restrict the anesthetic effect to the application area.

Usually, the action lasts little more than sixty minutes. The product should not cause any pain when used, according to Eros Range.

Eros is Used by Many Young Men Without Any Adverse Effects.

Techniques of Application

It is advised not to use Eros Spray more than four times in 24 hours.
This product is non-toxic, has an emollient base, and won’t damage rubber.
If the penis’s skin is damaged or cracked, do not use it. Since Broken Skin Easily Absorbs Most Local Anesthetics. Only for External Use and Vaginal Sexual Intercourse.

15g of the original Eros Delay Cream:

First, wash the penis.
Apply, excluding the lower part, to all three sides of the penis.

After spraying, give it 15 minutes to dry.
And Take Pleasure in Sexual Activities.
And After Sexual Intercourse, Wash the Penis Again.
The 14ml Eros Men Delay Spray.


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