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Knight Rider Spray Price in Pakistan

Knight Rider Spray Price in Pakistan Knight Rider Delay Spray is the first and only FDA-approved therapy for premature ejaculation (PE), created by urologists in Pakistan; By desensitizing the internal nerves surrounding the penis, Delay Spray, a topical desensitizing spray based on lidocaine, helps men last longer during sexual activity.


Doctors even endorse it because of its remarkable outcomes, ease of use, and effectiveness. Don’t simply believe us, though; over a million bottles have been sold, and many of the users are repeat offenders.

Just mist the most sensitive part of your penis—the underside of the glans—and the underside of the shaft. Although it’s not necessary, it functions equally well when you are completely erect. To determine how many sprays are ideal for you, you can experiment. Depending on your sensitivity, start with three puffs in a smaller area and work your way up from there.
One of the reasons Target Zone TM technology makes it the best delay spray available is that it puts you in control.
Directions: Hold the bottle apart while aiming the spray button’s arrow in the direction of the application area. To spray, press the button many times.

Knight Rider Spray Use in Urdu:

  1. Gari ko saaf karen: Pehle gari ko achi tarah saaf karen. Iska matlab hai ke gari ke body ko dhona aur saaf karna taake koi dust ya gandagi na rahe.
  2. Knight Rider Spray ko shake karen: Spray ki bottle ko achi tarah shake karen taake uski milaavat theek ho aur sahi tareeqe se kaam kare.
  3. Spray karen: Ab, Knight Rider Spray ko gari ki surface par evenly spray karen. Dhyan dein ke spray ko ek hi jagah par zyada na lagayen, balke evenly spread karen.
  4. Rag se polish karen: Spray karne ke baad, ek saaf aur sukha rag (preferably microfiber) se gari ki surface ko polish karen. Rag ko circular motion mein chalayen taake Knight Rider Spray evenly spread ho aur gari ki shine behtar ho.
  5. Dry hone dein: Gari ko thori dair ke liye sukha hone dein. Isse spray ka asar behtar hota hai aur gari ki surface chamakdaar hoti hai.
  6. Repeat if necessary: Agar zarurat ho toh yeh process dohraen taake behtareen results milen.

Yeh tareeqa aam taur par Spray ya kisi similar product ko istemal karne ke liye follow kiya jata hai. Lekin, hamesha manufacturer ki instructions aur precautions ka khayal rakhen.


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